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Maverick Movie Awards: 2023

Movie Awards has reopened for submissions, but it’s a bit different than before.

Most recently we enjoyed being listed on FilmFreeway, where we managed our submissions.

However, FilmFreeway recently was purchased by Backstage, who have changed their policy not to include film awards like ours which do not have a live screening.

Though Maverick was not directly impacted by this (FilmFreeway even invited Maverick to stay), our sister awards body Horrors4You was delisted… and FilmFreeway was not willing to accept that both bodies were identical in terms of their reviews and how they are run.

So, in solidarity, Maverick has left FilmFreeway and is accepting submissions directly on its own website.

The downside – we no longer have FilmFreeway as a storefront… meaning we are now reliant on our own marketing and good old fashion word of mouth to survive.

So, please do submit.

Please do talk about Maverick (if you want to help) and please reach out to us at any stage via Facebook, pigeon post, or email

Though this is the beginning of our 20th year of operation, and we are very proud of our legacy… we are also entirely reliant on our fans and submitters to survive these ‘platform-free’ times 🙏

Thanks and love – Team Maverick ❤️