Maverick Checklist

Does your film or script have what we consider to be maverick? Having one or more of these attributes is likely to make your film or script appropriate for our event.

  • your film or script tells a simple story in an unusual way
  • your film or script tells a very unusual story
  • your film or script contains a unique voice
  • your film or script contains a unique sense of style
  • the team behind the film have gone out of their way to provide a unique element to a film project (think of this in a simple technical fashion: did a particular actor give a special performance or a technician, say a photographer, provide an unusual camera angle styling?)
  • your film appears to be made for more than it actually is (ie you were very creative with your production values)
  • your film or script is cohesive and something entirely cinematic in its form

There are many other attributes that contribute to our judging process, but please consider these as a basic guide. If you think your film or script fits in here, then share it with us!